Monday, August 25, 2008


Yeah it has been a week of ohhhh and ahhh! House is coming along nicely although Ergin wishes it was all done yesterday but everything takes time and when he has been working 5 or 6 days he needs to have some time off!

I have a couple of new LO's over the weekend

I found a poem for this father and son layout and it brought a tear to my eye so I had to have it!

Daddy's Boy
My little eyes are watching
My ears are listening too
They take in everything
that you say and do
My little hands are eager
to do the things you do
I'm hoping and I'm dreaming
I'll grow up just like you
I'm just a little guy
who knows that you are wise
you'll teach me what I need
for someone just my size
I'm a bright eyed little fellow
who is watching what you do
and I'm waiting for the day
I'll be grown up just like you

Have a fabby happy scrappy day

Zoe xxx

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Kris said...

Ohh I love all of these new layouts!! Thanks for sharing :)