Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well yes I am blogging today! sorry not been around so long! if anyone out there still reads! lol
I'm having an all day crop on saturday it's taking alot of preparation and me being me I want everything perfect, it's just too exciting, it's a small group but sometimes small groups have the best fun! Oh and I get to meet Susan for the first time too! It will actually be the first time I have met any of my online scrappy friends in real life so it's very exciting she said she will bring me a timmies too! yayy!!!
Well not much to share really, trying to keep up with things right now, I seem to have so much to do and not enough hours in the day, but you know something I function as a person so much better when I am busy! if I dont have much to do I get lazy.

Lotus Paperie is having a Design Team call so go on over and apply, I'm still not sure if I will apply again, I really want to but in the back of my mind I wonder if I have the time for it, but then what ever you have you make time for right!

So Spring is apparently here, all this snow is melting the ground is so muddy it's not even funny, my wheels even got stuck in the mud! too funny!

got some funny pictures though..................... and now the eye candy!

Can you tell this childs mother likes to scrapbook??? anything for the perfect shot! laundry...........who cares! lolGot this magical picture of Ceyda she has amazing eyes!Yasmin makes a splashAnd a few layouts

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Michelle Bertuzzi said...

Love Ceyda's photo and that BB LO. The stitching is great, the contrast of vertical line and the horizontal wave is eye catching.