Saturday, May 30, 2009


I am so super estactic, I just recieved some great news and it's slap you in the face fall off your chair fantastic!!!!

I had to read the email 3 times and I still didnt get it, Ergin actually had to spell it out for me, I made the design team at A Page in Time Scrapbook kit club.

Can you tell I'm excited???

I've been scrappin' too, I am very superstitious if you dont believe me ask Laura. anyway over at dreamer I have been joining in with thier contest, been having lots of fun.

Anyhoo this challenge was the for the future! hmmmm not as easy as you would think! see I dont want to jinx anything! so a play on a title and a little advise from Yasmin and here's what I came up with.
Thank you to everyone who visits my blog, I truly appreciate it, I'm now off to jump up and down a little bit more!


Kris said...

CONGRATS my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful layout too!!

Patricia said...

Congrats Zoe! You deserve it!

TesaB said...

Congratulations!!! It will be great having you on the team! Love your blog, looking forward seeing what you will do with the kits!

Emily (yuer666) said...

HI, Zoe, found your layouts in scrapbookheaven, they are beautiful! and Congrats on the DT job, can't wait to see more of your work!
from Emily

Jemma said...

awesome news lady, really happy for you :)

great los!!

Cookie Aguilar said...

wow thats Awesome!!! Congrats!!!Thats really exciting and Im so happy for you! and i would love to see you take on the SK sketch too!!! thanks for the visit!!!! will link you up!!!


AxeS DeSignS said...

Congratulations!!!! now you are a DT.. woohoooo!

Jane Ettia Jones said...

WOOT WOOT indeed a huge congrats Zoe cannot wait to see more of your beautiful work

Ann said...

Congrats Zoe!!