Monday, May 18, 2009

Wellies & Eurovision

I have been scanning some forums lately, looking for a great place to hang out as SMM is no more. Anyway Laura invited me over to Scrapbook Dreamer, it's nice to be somewhere where I know a few faces already, a new forum is like walking into a new bar, you dont know if you will like until you get inside, so my top 2 right now are Paws on Scrapbooking and Scrapbook Dreamer so anyway at Dreamer they are having a Time Warp crop so thought I would give it a go, thats what the Peace sign is all about in my previous post here is one I did today based on this poster.
And here is my layout.
Eurovision!!!!!! I can not put into words how much I love the Eurovision contest, and I miss it so much, this is the 3rd year I havnt been able to watch it, I'm sure it's on some cable channel somewhere, anyway this year Norway won yayy Norway, but I normally wouldnt post about the eurovision but on this occasion I just have to, a little bit of a step away from my usual music, but this is just amazing! I'll warn you though you'll be singing it all week!


AngelBear said...

I am so glad you joined Dreamer! You are so talented! Your layout rocks!

The Scrapbooking Factory said...

WOW Zoe thats a great layout!! Love the photos!
Hope you are doing well I miss chatting with you!


Kris said...

Hi Zoe! I left you a little something over at my blog today :D
xx Kris