Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Sketch, A Layout, A Super Toot & A Secret..................

I've been busy the last couple of days being sick, I have some sort of virus which isnt nice much better today though :-)
I made a sketch the other day just because and wanted to share, The layout is below too.

I've been busy making some note cards for my Great Uncle he is now 88 and it's hard as we dont know if we will ever have the chance to see him again, horrible thing to say, but with us being so far away now :( He never ever fails to send a birthday/christmas/easter card to all of us, and it means the world to us. It's amazing when you move away how quickly people stop sending cards! Anyhoo my Great Uncle didnt and I am making a batch of cards to send over to him, hoping to get a few more finished tomorrow so they can go out in the mail.

My Super TOOOOOOOOTTTTTT is I won the Time Warp Contest at Scrapbook Dreamer, I'm absolutely thrilled to pieces, I was so dopey when I found out but still managed a woo hoooo, recieved a very generous gift voucher and went shopping straight away! Dreamer has some beautiful products go and check them out.

I also have a little secret too! hehe hahaha


{ Yu'er } said...

Congrats, Zoe, your work is always beautiful.I love the sketch and the dream layout, well done. Thanks for sharing.
From Yuer

Patricia said...

Congrats Zoe! You're so talented, your work is always beautiful!

createalways said...

I love the dream LO and those cards are amazing!! You rock!!