Tuesday, August 4, 2009

So Sketchy

With all the reveals I'm a couple of days behind with my blog posting!

**Jane I didnt do all this work in one day!*** lol

I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED this sketch I feel Ally made it just for me! you know with my style in mind................

So the sketch is here!

And this is my Layout, I really really like the way it came out until I realised my HUGE grammer flaw! oops feel a little silly now! Should really be "you're a hoot" It will most probably drive me insane and I will go back and change it later!

Supplies : Bazzill Cardstock, MME Andrea Victoria, American Crafts Thickers, Riff Raff Owl, Basic Grey rhinestones & dry wall tape.

Ok on other news! We found a great house, it's out in the country with a bit of acreage we are putting in an offer today, we have spoken with the kids and they seem happy about it, even though they will have a new school they understand they will need to make new friends, besides if swine flu is still present in our area in the fall I am seriously thinking to home school!!

I also made a new blog! BUT for now it will remain private I started a fitness programme that I think will change my life! :-) after day one I'm standing taller and I can feel every muscle in my upper body, even those tiny ab muscles hidden deep within I can feel them! Now I know they are there they all want to come out and play - this is goodbye flab forever! And I'm really excited about it! After 90 days I will make my blog public! Why start a blog about it I hear you ask! Well It's a goal for me isnt it, to keep working at it, but seriously if I feel this good after one day I dont think I will give it up easily, cant wait to get started on day 2! A little thank you to Debra-Dawn reading her blog has given me some positive motivation to get going with it! :-)


laterg8r said...

really hope you get your house, good luck with the new you :)

Hayley G said...

Fingers crossed for you and the house! I'm looking forward to your new blog too.

Janet said...

Another absolutely adorable layout!!! And good luck on your fitness program...sounds like you are on your way!