Friday, March 26, 2010

Earth Hour March 27th 8.30pm

Looking at the supporters map I`m actually quite sad about how few of us there really are! So here is what I would like you all to do. Please leave me a comment and post about Earth Hour on your forums & your blog, and tomorrow night at 8.30PM turn off your lights for 60 minutes.

We CAN make a difference.

Earth Hour


Kristine said...

steve and i do this every year..
it's a nice quiet time with candles and a glass of wine ;-)

Melanie said...

We're hoping to do it too, just wrote a note to myself. lol

Might sit out on the patio watching the stars with a nice cuppa.

laterg8r said...

i'm sure lots of people are gonna do it but didn't sign up for the map - like me LOL :D