Monday, March 15, 2010

The Paper Passion - Guest Reveal #2


I seem to be working working working and then working lately! I'm worried on thursday it may stop as I have been filling vacations etc. The extra money has been great, however it's not the main reason why I love working! I never thought I would be a working mum! bare in mind my youngest is almost 4. But I love the independence I have more energy with the kids, I'm never stuck in a rut when I'm working, makes me happier all round! Also keeps me on the straight and norrow with my diet too. Anyhoo I'm just hoping it doesnt end. I love the variety of being a casual but hate the uncertainty.

Back to Scrapbooking.

This weekend I went up to PEI for the weekend we have a house up there, we only recently purchased it, I hadnt ever taken my scrappy supplies with me before, we dont have internet, no cable nothing like that! so I sat for a while and played with paper! I really really enjoyed it, no strings, no deadlines, no internet to distract me, kids were asleep. It was fabulous!
I really like this layout, the kit is fabulous I mean I was just instantly inspired by it, so I guess this page scrapped itself.

With everything I have had going on recently I have decided to step down from Creative Prompts 4 U, It's an awesome site, But I just dont have the "extra" time to commit. And I have always scrapped because I want to when I have to it's not fun! Something else will have to give soon too I'm just not sure what!

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Scrapping.


Melanie said...

Zoe, this page is amazing. I love the 2 half circles.

I hope the work continues for you, being casual is a blessing and a burden all in one.

laterg8r said...

love the flower petals around the outer rim of the circle :D

Tammy said...

I absolutely love this layout ~ it is perfect with that photo. A house in PEI???? How cool is that?!?

Debbie said...

This is so gorgeous Zoe!!!

HeatherH said...

I love this layout! The 2 partial circles are really cool.