Thursday, July 15, 2010

Twisted #58 - Texture

Texture, not a hard one for me! I love texture and it's one of those things where you start to believe your scrapbook page just turned into art, if scrapbooking didnt exist I would most definately be a collage artist or something similar! For my final Art & Design exam at school I collected Blue Rubbish and glued them onto a canvas, mainly sweet wrappers really! I really liked it, unfortunately whoever marked my project didnt like the idea and failed me! YES thats right, could you believe it I failed art at school! well now you know!

Follow your Heart
I took this picture at the beach, all of my children love adventure and I want them to remember this as they grow up, dont be scared to explore and always follow your heart no matter where it takes you.

I wont bore you with anymore immigration news! we havnt made any decisions. we did find out more details though, about this new English test that we should take before sending our paper back again. It costs $285 plus tax, plus $22 for shipping and then $120 for the actual certificate, good news is only the principal applicant needs to take the test, bad news is it takes 10-12 weeks for this test to come back to you and it takes a month or 2 to get a date to take the test.
Best part is it goes to ENGLAND for scoring. UH HELLOOOOOOOOOO thats where we are from! OMG deep breaths. IN & OUT.....IN & OUT

Thank you for your supportive comments yesterday! Super appreciated. HUGS


Zarah said...

Goooooooooooorgeous LO!!

DeeDee said...

Shocked you failed art. Some teacher must have had it out for you. Boo!