Monday, May 30, 2011

It's Tattered Angel Time!!!

Welcome ladies to today's blog post where Zoe jumps so far out of the box she has no idea where she landed!!! Although she is so thrilled with her project she doesn't care where she is, and is very excited to share with you today her very first JOURNAL!!!

OK so now I will stop referring to myself as a third person!! But I have to say I was a little worried about this month when we were asked to do journals, my blog is as close to a diary I have ever kept and I dont really include anything that personal other than my work!! So my journal is inspired by COLOUR & ART, I really hope you like it.

I also get to update my Designer logo today!! I am now a certified (no not the crazy type!!) Designer for Tattered Angels How cool :)

Colour my World

I used a different combination of colour on each page through my book, I thought it would be fun to see how colours compliment each other, so My front cover has Sun Sisters & Patina Glimmer Mist, Icicle, Waterfall, Purple Passion &Mellow Yellow Gimmer Glaze & Peach Belini Glimmer Glam

Pages 1 & 2

Page 1 I used Tutti Frutti & Garden Fairy Glimmer Mist and Paradise Pink Glimmer Glaze

Page 2 I used Creme De Chocolat &Trunk Bay Glimmer Mist and Pewter Glimmer Glaze

Pages 3 & 4

Page 3 I used Tattered Leather & Marmalade Glimmer Mist with Saffron Glimmer Glaze

Page 4 I used Tuscan Sun & Pashmina Glimmer Mists with Sugar Cane Glimmer Glaze

Pages 5 & 6

Page 5 I used Lavender Fields & Spring Violet with Shy Violet Glimmer Glaze

And finally Page 6 I used Bahama Blue and Silver Sugar Glimmer Mist with Emerald Cove Glimmer Glaze.

Omgosh I had so much fun incorporating all of these colours into one little book! I actually used the Frosty Memories album and just cut the snowflakes off, and it's a ridiculous $2.99 right now!! WOW

Using this months Wedding Pallette I created this wedding layout of my grandmother and my great grandfather, such a sweet picture which I treasure, I dont have many old photos of my family and the ones I do have are very special to me.

I actually didnt used ANY Glimmer mist on this layout it's all Glaze and Glam, the background is painted with Wicked Glimmer Glaze, and spotted with Pewter and Sugar Cane Glaze and all the chipboard and embellies are painted with Chandelier Glimmer Glam, it has so much sparkle and shine!!

Sorry for such a picture heavy post!!! You made it through :) Happy Glimmering, Glamming and Glazing.


Marielle said...

Incredible journal and layout Zoe !!

Glue Meets Paper said...

that layout is just stunning!

Danielle said...

Lov lov lov your journal!

Cindy Gay said...

Love the album and "father of the bride">

Kristine Berc said...

WOW girl these are fantastic!

Brenna "ScrapSmith" said...

Great work! I really love the layout, it is stunning.