Sunday, September 7, 2008

Back to school

Well I now have 2 babies in school now Yasmin started grade 1 and Aydin is in grade primary! Awww.

And of course in true Nova Scotian Style it was raining, I had a vision for my scrapbook page! I got the shot but I didnt have the vision with raincoats on! lol

Ok Got some pages to share, apart from that I feel li I have done nothing all week, we had really bad news and then some good news to lighten the load but the bad news stressed me out so much I am feeling under the weather now!
I am experimenting with languages right now! I only speak English really but hubby speaks Turkish and being in Canada it's only right I should try and learn a little french! I would love for the children to speak french especially as where we are located when they grow up the real oppurtunities are in Moncton or even in Quebec so it would be so beneficial for them to learn both.

Happy Scrappin



Kris said...

Such pretty LO's!

Jemma said...

Great LOS i love them all but i really really love what you have done with the bottom one!!!!

hope all is well with you!