Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Ceyda

I cant believe that Ceyda is two! She turned 2 on tuesday and I have been nursing her cold ever since! Bless her.

So I know it's late but here are a few pictures of her day!

I got a funny face picture when she played on the deck in the morning! lol

She then wanted a picture with nala, yes she is huge! lolThis has got to be my favourite head shot I have ever got of Ceyda!

Enjoying herself on the swing

You just gotta love this cake it's so sweet! I loved the tea set on it, she actually chose it herself we had to go back up to Amherst to pick it up at 5 so we decided to let the kids play at Burger King for an hour they really enjoyed themselves

Ceyda cutting her piece! Well it is her cake! lolAnd a couple of LO's for good measure
Have a fabby scrappy day!

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queen-of-nostalgia said...

Zoe! This looks lovely! :) Your little girl is toooo cute. Pretty, pretty, pretty...