Sunday, October 26, 2008

Scrappin' Sunday's

I have felt like sticking my head under a truck today, I've had a headache from hell, and just feel BLAH!!
But anyway I forced myself into the scrap room and got busy, actually really happy with a couple of them, does anyone else critique themselves unnecessarily, Well I do constantly never happy with what I create but since Rough Draft formed, I have felt so inspired and pushed myself further, we have a fabulous team so inspiration just floods in!!
So for today I made...............................

Thats it for now :-)
Zoe xx


Kris said...

Zoe those are all wonderful layouts! I especially love the 'that hat' one. Thanks for sharing!

carina said...

Your layouts are just beautiful!! and I love the pic´s for "that hat" too cute!!♥