Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Sprinkle of Snow!

Well we had a little bit of snow! and then it kept coming! the first time ever we paid someone to clear the drive, it would have taken ergin hours and hurs to clear it! I'll clear the top of the drive when the ploughs block us in but the not the whole drive!!!
I like this one of Aydin it's almost like he just realised it snowed!

My girls in the snow bucket! lol
A husky she isnt but Ergin can be very insistant when he wants to be! bless her she did try but she couldnt pull them by herself!

Ceyda actually ended up falling asleep in this!

We let Nala run loose when we have a really bad storm as no one is crazy enough to go out she loves running through the snow!

And now for some albums! I have made a Crown Album and 7 Paper Bag Albums this week! Now I'm ust hoping they sell I need to finish the Christmas shopping!

And lastly.... My baby has lost her first tooth! I am so sorry for the ridiculous photo! I need to get her in the daylight to get a nice picture!!! So whats the going rate for the tooth fairy? We left her a toonie, she seemed happy with it!

Ok off to make some christmas cards, I have 4 more paper bag albums in the works and whatever else I can squeeze in today.


Krista Hanna said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun in the snow!! We won't have any here til january most likely! Good luck with the premade sales- I need some to finish my Christmas shopping too LOL! Also- your new store design is really pretty, I love the pink patterned background.

Michelle said...

That's a lovely album! Haven't tried making it from paper bag! Should get from your store one of these days.

Cassandra West said...

Looks like everyone had fun!!! Your dog is too funny!! Great shoot too!!! Can't help you with the teeth fairy thing!! Cute photo!!


Wendy Sommers said...

Look at all that snow. CRAZINESS! Love your picture of dd with her first lost tooth. My dd just lost her first one a few months ago. :) We gave $5 for the tooth first because it was 'special' and now they usually get a twonie!

Kris said...

Those are fun snow pictures! As always your albums are beautiful. Of course, I am drawn to pink :) I also like the new look of your store! Very nice!