Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wobbly Teeth

Yasmin's front teeth are really wobbly and I can actually see the big monster teeth poking through her gums behind them! OMG

She is 6 so I knew it would happen soon but I dont know it just symbolises that my baby is growing up!!! Cant help but be a little upset! lol

So whats the going rate for the tooth fairy these days??? Do they still make 6pences LOL wouldnt that be fun!

Ok I purchased Scrapbook Stars November kit this month! I love playing with it I love the colours!!

Here it is......

Right need to go get some scrappy jobs done! :-) Oh and good news I got my part time shift at work!!! YAYY so I'll be working 5-10 5 nights a week and the other two nights I have crops but at least I have the kids during the day! :-)

Happy Scrappin


Jemma said...

perfect is she going to be all gappy for christmas??? great LO

Kris said...

That looks like a great kit. Love the colors. Your LO is awesome!!