Sunday, November 9, 2008

Three Paper Bag Albums, Two Layout's and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

Ok well I lied aboout the Partridge! lol I had the oppurtunity to make a custom order of three paper bag albums for a lady who is battling through Cancer she has made some dear friends along the way and wanted to share the love, Stories like this warm my heart seriously! When people come through the bad and even worse times and still care so much it really inspires me.

So after being under the weather was a little behind but they are done!!! YAYYY

Here is a little sneaky peek.

So anyway with all this love in the world! I cut my hair! I donated 8 inches of hair to Locks of Love, I hadn't died my hair for a few years so thought I might as well go for it! So I did layout of my new haircut based on this weeks Rough Draft Sketch

Opps actually I havnt taken the other photo of LO 2 I'll pop back later with that one.

Have a fabulous scrappy day


carina said...

love your Lo and your new haircut!:) and those paper bag albums are suuuuper cute!!

Kris said...

Love it all (as always)!

Veronica said...

The albums are beautiful and it is a wonderful feeling you get when you can truely be at peace with yourself in doing something special for someone else.

I am very happy to read that you also donated your hair. I just donated 12 inches to Angel Hair for Kids just two weeks ago. I think the best part of that was receiving my certificate thanking me. I am and sure you are also so happy that I did it. I would certainly do it again. Congrats!

Michelle Bertuzzi said...

Aaaww.... those are really cute albums! The pink & browns are so great combination. Oooh, love that haircut too!

Anonymous said...

thankyou arrived today. you are my angel. thankyou.