Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Days

Well it's storming outside! So naturally I feel like Spring cleaning! seriously though there is something about it being stormy and cold outside that makes me want to clean!!! Which actually got me thinking about perfect temperatures! well I know most of you will think I am crazy but my perfect temperature is -3 it's crisp and clean and when you take a deep breathe you can literally feel the oxygen energise you! See I am not one for hot weather I feel like a hot sweaty slug!

Anyway back to my cleaning / organising my friends at the post office were nice enough to save me one of the card racks they had out front in the shop, they thought I might be able to use it! Well I took it thinking, "thank you" but wasnt sure what to do with it, anyway my new shipment of riff raff chipboard arrived today, so I was like "Oh Yeah!!" I had them all sorted into boxes and as my best selling product I would be thumbling through for ages trying to find the ones I needed so..........................

Ta Da!

And I have my Paper Bag Album socks on again, I just cant bring myself to make another purse right now when sales are so slow they take a long time to make, and the materials are costly too, I love Paper Bag Albums they are such a joy to make :-) Here is a new one I just listed on ebay.

Ok Back to the weather... I actually do jump about conversations in real life too! Jemma warned me that she does the same thing too when we first started chatting, it's funny we hardly ever get lost about what we are both rambling on about but if Ergin comes over to read what I'm writing he's looks at me like I'm crazy! lol

Right weather Ok I want you to tell me what your favourite temperature is!!! I will pick a random comment to win something yummy from my new riff raff storage tower!!! :-) (oh and if you see anything you like you know where to shop!!! ( ahem!))

Happy Scrappin'

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Jemma said...

my perfect temp is +25 - hot and sunny but not too hot.

love getting my flip flops out, brown feet, jeans and vests, seriously you can NOT beat it, especially in Calgary when you get a huge HOT thunder storm, LOVE the sudden downpour makes me so so happy :)

by the way love your storage tower and I DO NOT JUMP AROUND IN CONVERSATIONS