Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Where have I been?

Still no Laptop SIGH! Good news is the website is picking up :-) I have added on a forum too, and with every forum of course I will need to make it appealing, and to get people to stay ad then maybe shop a little too!
So anyway my first giveaway is up on the site a little riddle needs to be answered! And if you know me well then it will be very easy to know what I am talking about :-)


I will also be looking for a design team for the store, I need 3 people you will recieve a kit every month to play with starting in february for a 1 year term, I do ask that no one will be a member of a DT for any other Canadian/US online store, but other challenge sites or manufacturers are fine. You must have your own blog.

I'm not thinking to publish this on Pub Calls just yet so if your interested please email me in confidence znemburt@eastlink.ca

I'll be back friday with some layout's

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Kris said...

It is great to hear that your website is picking up and that exciting things are happening. I will have to go see what's new since the last time I looked! Can't wait to see what projects you've been working on.