Saturday, February 14, 2009

I can never think of a good title!!!!!

Well seriously it's one of those things with me, I think ok what do I want to say today, and can think of loads but when it's time to put an actual title on it I stare blankly at my screen, It's exactly the same with my scrapbooking, I'm tired of layouts saying Cute, Beautiful, Sweetie, Handsome blah blah blah,

I did actually think of a good title for this layout below, it's called the not so sure face! and this really is Ceyda's not so sure face. not sure whether to laugh or cry!!! lol

The lotus challenge this week was to make some hand cut circles in others words un even circles cos I can actually cut a circle and it be circular! lol so it was actually a challenge for me to make them uneven, I sew'd each layer on, you see the was the stitching is kind of scalloped? I thought it was so cool, I would certainly not have been able to do that intentionally! lol

Not much news going on really, I have been tired this week. I did do a layout at wednesdays crop I just need a few bits on it to finish off then I will share.

Still have 4 february kits available at Scrap My Memories, I have 1 January kit left too which is now discounted too.

Thats abaout it for today, have a very scrappy weekend.


Kris said...

LOL I totally know what you mean about thinking of a title for posts and layouts!!

Well this layout of Ceyda is fantastic. You are right, that scalloped looking stitching definitely looks cool! Love the whole layout.

Oh and if I didn't already say it 100 times, the SMM february kit is beautiful. I just might have to have one!

Jemma said...

great KI and great face, she is so super cute!!