Sunday, February 15, 2009

Some projects to share

I have been scrapping this weekend which is nice. I am working on a bigger project today, no idea how long it will take me to finish it, I got hubby to make a frame that looks like an old window only he put ply wood on the back so I can adhere to it, each internal square is around 10 x 10. I'm using Black and white photos too, makes it a little easier! lol
Anyway wanted to share some finished work with you.

Here are the valentines day cards I made for the kids school friends, there is a funny story behind this, Wednesday evening we are at the crop and a friend say why dont you buy some from the dollar store, well I hate the dollar store I mean really really hate it, everything contains lead so whats the point! anyway dont get me started on that one! lol, so anyway it got me thinking so how many cards would you get in a pack for a dollar??? 4, 6? more??? Well I believe I would have ended up paying $10 + on silly character valentines cards, and I like to be unique!
So I made these darling little cards 58 of them, I did them all with 10 sheets of Bazzill Cardstock so total cost is $5 and most sheets were on sale when I got them anyway! ha ha ha ha!!! So anyway I am happy.

And now for more scrappyness.

And how frigging cute is this kid????? She makes me laugh so much! I adore her.


Jemma said...

great LOs and the cards are really cute!!! as for the picture, yes she is cute!! :)

Kris said...

WOW you have been busy scrapping!! I love it all.

Your children are super cute :)

Jane Ettia Jones said...

just gorgeous zoe
and love those valentines cards there just adorable