Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just Chillin'

I recieved my prize from Crate paper, I got a $50 shopping spree with Crate after I won the Scrapbook Girl Next Door contest, So I got the Brook Collection and another collection called Cottage and a few extra bits and pieces to tie me over until Restoration comes out! I must at all times have a Crate fix on hand! lol

So I am so very tired this week this layout took me 4 days! just because I only get to sit for a few minutes each evening before heading to bed, nearly everyone at work is getting overtime over the next 2 weeks, it's crazy! I like have the odd day here and there but knowing I'm working 9 hours a day for 2 weeks just makes that little more tired, well they are hiring more people so it wont be long until I'm back to my little part time job, A girls gotta scrap!

Just Chillin'

Rather an apropiate title for this post dont ya think! I so wish I could just lay down and kick back for a while!

I have been playing with photoshop to get the colours on my layouts right, no matter how good the light is the colours always seem to be dull on the camera. Any tips?  I think I did a pretty good job on this one though.

Happy scrapping.


Star Rork said...

awesome prize! i love that collection and that lo is so awesome!

Cindy Gay said...

You did a fine job with the photo toning here. I ususually check the "levels", moving the arrows up and down to even out the curves or until I get the tone you like. I generally adjust the contrast and brightness until I get what you like.

Jeanne said...

Awesome! Congrats on the win! I LOVE your page! It's fabulous!

Hayley G said...

Fabulous prize! Seriously though, the layout is just awesome. I never get tired of looking at your work. Totally inspiring.

mommy5x said...

Awesome prize and what a stunning layout!!!!!!