Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Million Memories - January

Hey there!! Sorry I have been lacking in posting I have alot to catch up on with blogging, it sometimes seems the last thing to do and then I get busy and just plain forget! I have been having a pity party for myself this week, I have been working inside the last four months and 2 1/2 weeks ago I got the option to go back outside on a part time mail route, so I jumped at the chance I love working outside even if it is winter and cold! lol Anyhoo didnt do too bad the first couple of days but developed this HUGE blister it was just killing me rigt on the back of my heel, anyhoo as I was already taking pain meds for that this week my tooth started hurting, hot and cold sensitivity and then OMG I cant stand this, stay up all night crying pain that was on thursday night my dentist fit me in on friday morning told me to come in as soon as I finished work (yes I still went to work!! I'm nuts) Stage 1 of a root canal is complete I need two more appointments but that pain has gone, still tender and sore and the anitibiotics are not agreeing with me very well but I will finish the course.
Monday my hubby is having his shoulder operation after waiting 18 months for it!!! Wish us luck with this one as we really just want his health to get back to normal so he can return to work.

Happy thoughts.....

Ok so I recieved this AMAZING kit on Friday from Michelle at A Million Memories I have had so so much fun with it, I used every scrap!!

Our Girl

 Happy Day

 I Love You - Card
 The Cutest Knees Ever!

And thats it for today...... lets see if I can get this blog moving again :)


mrich2500 said...

LOVE the LO's...oh my!

curlyqmosaics said...

Absolutely love your layouts and card. That kit must be amazing! The colors are gorgeous!

Rooky said...

aswesome!! love all of these layouts! the colors are so beautiful, and they have lots of gorgeus details

Julie said...

Well it seems as though we have something in common,I have an abscessed wisdom tooth and my antibiotics are wreaking havoc with my belly:(

Love your layouts! You rocked this kit.

Good Luck and a speedy recovery to your hubby and yourself with the root canal.I had one and it worked like a charm.

Nicole Nowosad said...

those are all SO pretty!!!! Great job with the kit :)

Tanya Tahir said...

oh wow, I'm sorry to hear about your tooth and good luck for your hubby and his operation too. Zoe, your projects are all sooo very inspiring! I adore what you have done here! Beautiful work!! :)

p.s did you work out the screen capture thingy for your top 3 at 2peas??