Monday, November 28, 2011

Some Harmonie work

Hi Ladies... A year is coming to a close for me at Harmonie I have loved every second of being on the Harmonie team... when they have thier next DT call everyone should definately apply they spoil you rotten!!!!

Fall (2011)

 Yasmin is growing up so so fast!!! she's an absolutely adorable character... very caring of her brother and sister although they can also drive her nuts sometimes too!!!

I Love you Snow Much

 This picture of Ceyda is a little older now 2009 I think I cant read my journaling lol!!! she was waiting for her brother and sister to finish school she would love to walk home with them.

Some handmade paper flowers with Harmonie brads
Thats all for today off to moncton to return my broken 1 day old dryer!!!! UGH!!!

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