Sunday, July 8, 2012

Resist and Tattered Angels

Hi ladies, Here is my post with Tattered Angels this month we were to create resist techniques that are so easy a should be able to do it!!! So my kid DID do it :)
With a little guided assistance my eldest daughter Yasmin who is 9 years old made this super cute canvas.
We added a weaved background onto the canvas with crepe papers.
 Glam and Glazes work AWESOME  for resists with Glimmer Mist and Chalks, The Plain Jane and Baseboards would also work with them.
 Next up I let Yasmin choose some of her favourite colours and spray like crazy :) Kids certainly commit themselves to the colours :)
Next up with the same colours we sprayed some resist canvas flowers, these are also fantastic as they have the resist designs already on them so when you spray the resist shows through.
 And here is the finished canvas, I think she did a great job :)
 So we used Moss Glimmer Mist, Verdigris Glimmer Mist, Aqua Plain Jane, Organic Garden Glimmer Glam, Fully Purple Glimmer mist and Sunflower Glimmer Mist.
 :) Next up is  just a quick canvas I was experimenting with different ways to resist.
I used heat embossing on the canvas as a resist this looks great but it does take alot longer to melt. And I also used Icicle Glimmer Glaze on the chipbaord shape :)

 I used Lobster Glimmer Mist, Silk Glimmer Mist, Woven Burlap Glimmer Mist, Icicle Glimmer Glaze. Thanks for stopping by today :)

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glorygirl said...

How much fun is this? I love that your daughter was able to create with you! Great idea and awesome projects!