Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Little Project Life!

Ok I admit at first I was like Project life! Yeah ok, who has the time for that! I didn't like it for many reasons, It's not that pretty, well not as pretty as traditional scrapbooking, also I dont get alot of time on a weekly basis to go through my photos of the week and create chronological timelines of events and day to day life! maybe I just lack the organization skills although in some parts of my life I'm extremely organized and a little OCD, although in other parts of my life I'm just messy and well just lack the ambition to organize it all, scrapbooking is in that part, so it seemed very daunting to me to become that organized to make it work, However, time has passed and project life has started to pull me in... I subscribed to Studio Calico for Project life and had to wait a couple of months until I got my first kit, I received the kit looked through it, loved it, put it on the shelf! about 3 weeks went by and I saw the new kit was coming... Oh! Right I should try and use up some of that kit before the new one arrives!! So I did :)
Ok so like I said I'm not organized enough for the week by week events just yet so I am focusing on events this year that needed more documenting than just a couple of pictures on a page! I'm hoping to re-arrange my whole workspace to better suit the scrapper/project lifer I'm molding myself to be! And with that being said I would like to organize this part of my life! *shock*

So I've chitter chatted for long enough, here is my first project life page, and my second! :)

My Dad visited this winter and we surprised him with a trip to Shubenacadie Wildlife Park he has visited Canada many times but had never seen a Moose!!! Well he has now :)

This 2 Pager is 1 Page Scrapbook Page and the 2nd page Project life, I really love how they look set out in an album, I was always lazy to journal on a page, actually not just lazy but afraid I would mess up a layout I had spent hours on with messy handwriting or a spelling error! 

In May I participated in my first ever organized running event it was the Colour Run and it was to raise money for the schools in Springhill, I don't actually live in Springhill anymore but 3 of my children attended school there and they are awesome little schools.

Yasmin & I had a great time we will do it again and again, but next year the whole family will be in it!

Thats it for today :) I have one or two layouts to share in a day or two.

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